Monday, 6 October 2008

Blog Challenge at SCRaPDANGo

Head over to to check out Tara's new blog challenge this month.
Thought I would try and play along and hopefully help me to become a better blogger!!

The challenge is to finish one of the following sentences and explain why:

The one thing I did or learnt in High School that I wish I continued with was...........?
The one person I wish I stayed in contact with through the years is.......?

For me, the one thing I learnt at High School that I wish I continued would be speaking German.
I studied it for 4 years and did pretty well with it, but in the last year of school it was removed from the Curriculum. I can still pick up a few words, but not what I did back then.
Such a shame, I think having a second language is a great bonus!

Thanks for the challenge Tara!!

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