Monday, 2 November 2009

Scrapbook Savvy Challenge Rebirth

Over at Scrapbook Savvy this month a few of the DT girls have changed what challenges they will be doing. Hopefully the change will give your more inspiration to get scrapping.

Sara will still be doing her Random Challenge but has the add twist of making it based around the gorgeous new 'He', 'She' and 'We' kits we have at Savvy, check them out here

Her November challenge is:
1. Distressing
2. Multi photo (2 or more)
3. Embellishment cluster

Using at least 75% of the kit to create your page.

Lisa will continue selecting awesome sketches each month, check out November's here

Kayla is bringing a Colour Challenge to Savvy each month and November colours are perfect to start things off.

Emma has started doing a monthly challenge and has decided on the 54321 format, stay tuned for her first set of criterias.

And then there is me 8)
I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my monthly Ad challenge, but thought it was time to take a step in another direction. Hopefully everyone will be happy to play along.
Each month I will be issuing the girls at Savvy a challenge about themselves.

Kerryn's 'All About Me' challenge will help us all to capture/document the little things about ourselves that may mean a lot to our kids or family in years to come.
I am hoping it will encourage you all to make this an important part of your scrapping.

So for the very first challenge. I thought I would start things of simple.
I want you to scrap at least 5 random facts about yourself that people may not know.
Like, 'I hate touching raw meat' or 'I need to wear socks when I sleep'
These may seem very unimportant facts, but if tomorrow you lost all ability to communicate, these points would be enormous.

It all sounds a bit melodramatic, but you are important and future generations should know everything about you, well maybe not everything, but that too could be a challenge of the future.

This is my take on the challenge:

Random Facts




Terri B said...

LOVE that LO Kerryn...the challenge is inspiring as well.

Sar said...

Love your new challenge, Kerryn and I can't wait to give it a go!! xoxo