Saturday, 2 October 2010

Scrap the Boys October 1st Challenge

It's Trick or Treat over at Scrap the Boys!!

TRICK -They all have one. You know, that trick they play on you whether it be copying everything you say or shadowing you so you don’t know where they are. Well here is your chance to scrap about it.


TREAT – Scrap about your boy’s favourite thing. That one thing you know he will consider a huge treat. This could be his favourite chocolate, game, place or those special moments he gives you (your treat…cuddles in bed on a Sunday)

I went for 'Tricks' cause he has so many!!
These are the faces he gives me when I am trying to talk seriously.
I usually end up pee-ing myself laughing and loose focus, good plan for him.

He's got tricks



Terri said...

Hey Miss K!
Fab work as always....the LO's with the Savvy kit are beautiful.
Your DS must be such a character!

Heather Jacob said...

Hi Kerryn, love your work beautiful and full of love! I also am a mother of 2 angel in heaven and one angel here on earth.
our son Mark was killed on his motor bike age 22. We still have an amazing connection with him xx take care my friend.

Toni M said...

Those photos make me laugh - love the LO :)