Sunday, 3 July 2011

Some scrapping to share

Not a huge amount of scrapping achieved again this weekend but I did get some things done. There are simply not enough 'me' hours ATM!!
2 more weeks completed for our 52 week album and I've done Anthea's Savvy sketch, yeah! One challenge tackled for the month :)
Another page started, but I am still deciding how to finish it.

Week 25 - Soccer Pathways


Week 26 - Green Eggs


You will outgrow everything except our heart

(Anthea's Savvy Sketch)
Also features the gorgeous 'Sold Out' He's Savvy kit



Sara said...

Great layouts Kerryn. You've done a great job with the kit and keeping up with your 52 weeks album.

Terri said...

eeeeewww green eggs look bad!!
But your layouts are great tho ;)