Thursday, 3 April 2008

I am soooo excited!!

It is only 3 more weeks before I head off on my very first retreat with the girls from Scrapbook City in Brisbane.
I am finally going to meet my dear friend Trudi, face to face, I can't wait!!!
It feels like we have been friends forever, but just never seen each other IRL.
Hopefully I will also get to catch up with my 2 sisters while I am up there.
Now I just have to work out what I will take.

We had a great day out on Sunday, Mum, Harry and myself headed up to Littlehampton to visit the Heritage Farm.
We had a great time, lots of photo's, animals and a train ride, Harry was in his element!!

OK I think I am about to turn into a pumpkin, way past my bedtime and Master Harry's so until next time stay safe!!xx


Jessica said...

how fun does that retreat sound???? I'm so JEALOUS!

Trudi said...

Whoo Hoooo!! Not long to go now Kez. Tell you what those Brissie girls better batten down the hatches hey LOL!! So excited.... Can't wait to finally meet you face to face. It's gonna be so much fun