Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

The beginning of another year and this year will be a biggy!
Lots of things to look forward to and enjoy.

We had a ball at my sisters house on New Years Eve, my brother-in-law is always so well organised. We have nicknamed him the Events Co-Ordinator for the family!
After having NYE at our house last year, with not a single firework in the area that we could see!! A family vote was taken and it was decided my sisters house was the best venue for this celebration.
There is a guy down the street that kindly shares an awesome fireworks display for us.

After a beautiful BBQ, we did our Kris Kringle with Ma and Pa and then my sister whipped out the Playstation Singstar and we tested our her new Abba sing along.
We think we were awesome!! But the rest of the family disagree. They obviously don't have an ear for talent LOL!!!
When the clock struck 12 Midnight, we all headed outside with poppers, sparklers and cameras in hand to celebrate the New Year.

And so here we are, another year has started.

The question was asked at SCRaPDANGo, what word will you try to live by this year.
The word I have chosen is TOLERANCE!
Something I really need to do a lot better, with everything I do.

Just gotta love PICASA's upgrade to their collage part of the program.
Here are some photos to share,


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