Friday, 2 January 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!

OK the last 2 weeks are just a blur, can some-one please tell me where they went!!

We had a wonderful Christmas day, definately a lot quieter than normal, but still fabulous.
Mum and Dad travelled to QLD this year to spend it with the girls, so it was just Shane, Harry and myself opening pressies at 6 am.
Harry just loves everything about christmas, the lights, the paper and of course the presents.
We headed out to Shane's Mums, for a hot lunch. She always does an amazing job and it is delicious. Takes us ages to load the car with Harry's haul.
Dinner this year was at home, with my brother & family and my sister and Co.
The weather was beautiful, we had some seafood, cold meats and salad. Just perfect!
Here are some snaps of our day,


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