Monday, 2 March 2009

March 123 Challenge

This month the girls are trying a different way of choosing the criterias.

"This month we want you to EMAIL us @ with chosen criterias - one criteria per each email....
THEN on March 1st {Sunday} Karlene and I will choose our favourite THREE and give you the March 123 Challenge....

Personally I love this idea!! WTG Charm and Karlene!!

And then they came up with this month's challenge

Criteria One:
Make your own flowers from Jayne Smith

Criteria Two:
Autumn Colours - Browns Oranges Yellows from Teina Cumming

Criteria Three:
Texture of some kind....Felt, Fabric or scrunched up paper {for example} from Kylie Beard

A fantastic combination Ladies!!

SO.... we hope that you have FUN with this one!
Email your entries to:
DUE: Last day of the month

1 comment:

GinniG said...

What a FUN challenge!!! :) See you on the Dango for NSD!!! LOVE your Fairy Bread LO too!