Sunday, 31 January 2010

Our Holiday

Thought I would share some snapshots from Queensland.
Our plane ride was fairly uneventful.
Purchased a movie for Harrison to watch, only to find the only earplugs they supply were irrating his ears. He did still watch it, but lost its effect a little when you can't hear it.
Oh well Mum enjoyed it.

My sister was waiting patiently for us when we arrived at 10.30pm and I swear our boy did not stop talking for at least 2 hours.
I think he finally crashed about 12.30am
It was really cute, we were going to run a tote on how many times he said 'Aunty Mandy'. Sometimes it was 5 times in one sentence, it was sooo funny.

We had a fabulous time as a family and did so much in the short time we were there.
Harrison adore his cousins, they spent so much time playing with him and showing him how to play their different games.

You can see how comfortable the boy can get when concentrating on his games.

The first day was pretty casual after we picked the kids up from their dads. We hit the bowling alley for a few games in the afternoon and went home for a BBQ after.
Caught up with my other BIL that night.

On Wednesaday we headed to Mooloolaba to check out Underwaterworld.
Everyone enjoyed the day and we finished it off with a late lunch at Hog's Breath Cafe.
The kids were dropped back to their Dads and the rest of us had a quiet dinner at Montazuma's. (Lurve Mexican!!)
Harrison was such a good boy, it was hot and humid and an action packed day.
He only complained a few times about sore feet and I totally agreed with him.

Stay tuned for more holiday antics tomorrow

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