Monday, 1 February 2010

February challenge at Savvy

Did you ever have a fashion disaster with your hair before you turned 18.
Was it self inflicted or a product of your Mother's work?

Over at Savvy this month I want you to scrap your best or worst hairstyle
as a child.
It can be at any age before you turned 18.
Sadly I had a number of photos to choose from, but narrowed my choices to this one photo cause I think Mum got pretty close to the look at the time.
Bless you for the memories Mother, your time will come :]

All the fashion


Head over to Scrapbook Savvy to check out the other challenges posted by the DT girls.

You have until Midnight February 28th to upload your entries into the correct galleries to be eligible for some Savvy goodness.

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