Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Nearly finished

Well I have finished 2 days of work, one more day to go.
Terrible how it gets in the way of my scrapping LOL!! But if I want to spend like I do, I must work, it just isn't any fun.
Once I finished tomorrow, it is a scrapping I will go. YEAH!!!!
I have got 3 pages on the go ATM for Scrapbook Savvy challenges, hopefully I will finish them tomorrow night. Then I will be already for our Cybercrop starting on Friday night.
I have told DH, that I will be very busy this weekend, so hopefully the boys will keep themselves amused.
Well I have a child's bag to pack for Grandmas and need to tidy up the kitchen.
I shall chat soon.

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Renee Dowling said...

I totally understand about having LO's on the go Kerryn!!Just finished your challenge today..can't wait to see your LO's in the gallery!