Sunday, 3 February 2008

No Scrapping yet!!

We decided to have my family over for a BBQ last night to celebrate Shane's birthday. We had a great night, but it was 11.30pm before everyone left and by the time we had tidied up it was too late for any scrapping.
Harry went to Little Athletics this morning for the second time and came back with his very own t-shirt. He looked soooo cute and informs me that he is a very fast runner!!
By the time I had made the beds and done the breakfast dishes, they had returned. Why does the time go by so quickly. I was hoping Harry might have an afternoon sleep so I could organize my projects, but alas it is not to be. Maybe he might go to bed early tonight....Yeah right!!

Come hell or high water I am staying up tonight to do some scrapping. I have been to the LSS for some cardstock, just need to print some photo's off. Need to pick which challenge from SS to do first, either Sarah's random challenge or Mel's Scraplift.
I want to get the challenges done before next weekend so I am all ready for Scrapbook Savvy's very first Cybercrop. Hope you will come and join us 8)

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