Saturday, 20 June 2009

A beautiful Award

My dear friend Marie from Hybrid Designs has bestowed me with this fabulous award. Lucky I have finally got of my butt and updated my blog so there is something to look at!
Thank you Marie


Rules .....
1..... Accept this award and place on your blog with the name & link to the beautiful person who gave you this award
2..... Nominate this award to 5 other worthy bloggers whom you have newly discovered..Leave a message on their blog to notify them you have granted them an award ..
3 Go on do it now blog hop and increase the blogging friendship circle of inspiration and admiration ...

I graciously give this award to,

Alisha Barry -
Trudi Harrison -
Renee Dowling -
Giovanna Scott -
Sar Ward -

Please check each one out, they are all very inspiring.

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