Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Nearly forgot!

I have been tagged by my blog friend and Boss Sar to fill out the answers to these questions then tag 8 other bloggers.
Here we go,

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Wednesday night, the start of my scrapping week.
2. Coffee
3. Happy Mail
4. Monday afternoon while DS is at Kindy.
5. A quiet house when everyone is in bed.
6. Go ballroom dancing!
7. Scrapbook Shopping
8. A sunny day

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Went ballroom dancing
2. Stayed home from work
3. Washing and vacuming
4. Some scrapping
5. Talked to my niece
6. Stayed up too late
7. Visited parents
8. Watched TV

8 Things I wish I could Do
1. Scrap all day everyday
2. Win Lotto
3. Do something with my weight
4. Keep a tidy house
5. Understand the mind of a 5yo boy
6. Travel to America for CHA
7. Visit my sisters more.
8. Find more hours in my day

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately
1. Harry's swimming
2. Bones
3. Transformer DVD's over and over again.
4. Zathura
5. The computer screen
6. Ghost Whisperer
7. Funniest home videos
8. M.A.S.H.

Edit 20/06/09

Finally decided on who to tag,

Toni L -
Maria D -
Ann L-
Terri -
Marie S -
Wendy S -
Heather L -
Keely Yowler -

I can't wait to see your responses

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