Friday, 26 June 2009

Rusty Pickles Amazing Race

Did you know there are 2 Aussie girls, Julie Hill and Tiff Sawyer, amongst the 12 finalist who are competing in this gruelling contest.
Check out the links to keep up with their progress, Do us proud girls!!

Julie Hill -
Tiff Sawyer -

Head to the Rusty Pickle site and click onto the Rusty Pickle Blog in the column on the left-hand side to follow the girls progress



Sandra said...

Hi Kerryn, I Just popped in to see how you were going with Survivor, Not long now...GOOD LUCK...but you won't need it, you will handle any challenge they throw at you....and handle it beautifully.
Can't wait to see your fantastic final page.

Jules said...

Thanks Kerryn for your support..I popped in to see if you had finished your Survivor challenge..Good Luck with that I am sure you will be the last scrapping woman standing...