Saturday, 8 May 2010

May 'All about me' Challenge @ Savvy

I tried to get a little bit creative with this month's challenge and have scrapped my page without any photos.

The topic this month is 'What does your name mean?'.

You can get a lot of information by googling your names, and like me, you will find some of it very close to your true character and the rest of it pretty crazy.
But they say take the good with the bad.
I also included some stuff about the month I was born and what that means.
Ask you family if they remember why your name was chosen.

Scrap a page about the meaning of your name, photos are optional.

Upload your entries to the appropriate gallery before Midnight May 31st to be in the running for some Savvy dollars.

Hope you will head over to Scrapbook Savvy to check this month's fabulous challenges out.

What does it mean



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