Thursday, 3 June 2010

June AAM challenge at Savvy

This month @ Scrapbook Savvy I thought I would travel back to where we were born.
Whether it was a country town or in the heart of a city, it is good to document it for your family to look back on.
I didn't have any old house photos on hand, which would have been cool so I jumped on the computer and began to research my home town.
I remember the main industries in town were the railways where most of Dad's family worked and the Power Station, which is one of the first thing you spot driving into town. But my most specil memory of our great town was being so slose to the beautiful Flinders Rangers. So these are the photos I have included in my page.

If you where born in a capital city maybe check out some important spots back when you where born and include that on your page. Maybe a some sort of map will work well too.

That is your challenge for the month of June, scrap a page about the place you were born and upload it to the correct gallery before Midnight June 30th to be considered for some Savvy goodness.

Remember to head over to Savvy to check out the other DT girls challenges, as always, they are awesome!

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