Sunday, 9 January 2011

Discovered something new

I'm not sure why I am not tucked away in my bed yet, too busy surfing the net!
I will pay for this tomorrow.

Anyways, I have stumbled across this company tonight whilst surfing and quite fancy some of their new collections. It would be nice to see their papers make there way down under so I can check them out IRL.
I guess you are wondering who the heck I am talking about.
I found Nikki Sivils through facebook, so I popped over to their blog and discovered some sneak badges of the upcoming collections.

I Love "We are family", but my definite favorite is "It's Raining, It's Pouring" Gorgeous colours!

Hopefully by posting the badge for my favorite collection here on my blog, I will be lucky enough to win. Thanks for the chance to win.



ann said...

The badges are so cute.
It is morning so hope you got to bed lol

Terri said...

HAven't been overly impressed with her papers in the past but this lot are looking pretty darn good

Sheree said...

Hi Kerryn! I've just had a lovely time browsing through all the beautiful work on your blog! I really love your style. :)

Sheree xx