Thursday, 21 February 2013

Exciting news!

I am thrilled to share tonight that I am one of the newest members to join the Autumn/Winter Creative Team over at Stuck?!
I enjoy creating pages from sketches, but also love to throw my own twist on things. I have always found Stuck?! sketches inspiring so I am looking forward to this new adventure.

Here is the team
Firstly, the returning members are:
Celeste Vermeend (Australia) -
Kylie Symons (Australia) -
Sarah Groen (New Zealand) -

And our new faces are:

Farheen Suhail (USA) -
Kerryn Fry (Australia) -
Mel Nunn (Australia) -
Nina Stenzel (Germany) -
Rachael Funnell (Australia) -
Rosangela Phillipsen (Brazil) -
Sara Noendeng (Australia) -  

We have already been playing behind the scenes and we will have our first reveal starting in March.

Now it's not much fun having a blog post if there isn't any scrapbooking to share with you.
Here are a few random pages I completed while on holidays last month.

Your New Friend


Seven years, 365 days (leap year), 23 hours 


Thought I would leave you with the two sketches for February to inspire you. 
Entries are still open until the end of the month.

February 1st

February 15th

Please remember the following information:

Entries are to be linked up over in the sidebar no later than 11.59pm Thursday February 28th 2013 to be in the running for one of this month's sponsor vouchers.

When linking your entries, please make sure it is linked to the specific post your layout is in, not your blog as a whole as it can be hard later in the month to find your layout, especially if you blog often. You can also link from any gallery including Facebook and Flickr.

Entries are to be created solely for this challenge and not to be used in any other competition or challenge.

Thanks for dropping in


scrappin' girl said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kerryn !!!!!!!!!! luv the layouts & fab sketches xx

scrappin' girl said...
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Chantal Vandenberg said...

Congrats!!!! Your work is fantastic! :D