Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Well I am a little bleary eyed today, after Harry fell asleep about 10.00pm last night I sat on the computer sorting through some photos. Still so many to scrap!!
Started scrapping about 11.00pm and finally hit my pillow about 3.00am. My page just wasn't working for me, so decided to keep playing until I was happy.

My darling little man woke me at 6.00am, so we snuggled in the family room watching TV.
Well he was snuggling, I was sleeping LOL!!!

Quiet day today, finished off the washing and then vacumned and washed the floors. DH took DS out for a couple of hours so I could do it un-interrupted.
Now we are just getting tea ready, Roast Lamb....YUMMY!!!

Got a few things to post later for the start of the month, but better get the vegies happening first.

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